About Us


The Furniture Loft has evolved into the brand it is today because we simply love all things furniture. Our goal and mission is to provide Conyers and it's surrounding communities with the best selection of quality furniture at a fair price. Variety is important to us. Quality is important to us, but most of all, our customers are important to us. We are a family owned business and we treat our customers like family.


How We Started

It all began in a basement...oh and with 1 sofa. With a vision to re-purpose, reuse and recycle, our founder, Robert Chapman, the grandson of a carpenter, began to collect furniture down in his basement from individuals who simply did not want it any more. A perfectly good sofa, now an orphan because its current owner no longer has a purpose for it. Robert would acquire one sofa, then 6, then 10, then too many to handle. Like any good husband whose wife has had enough, Robert decided to rent a tiny warehouse to house his new findings to keep his wife quiet and to grow his idea.

Although our country was knee-deep into a recession, word began to spread and eventually more space was needed to accommodate all of the incredible furniture Robert was refurbishing. Many of his customers were unable to pay Big Box prices in the midst of so much financial uncertainty. People still needed furniture, but needed an affordable option. Robert envisioned a store where people from any socio-economic background could find nice looking, good quality furniture without having to break the bank and keep their dignity in tact.

Our story is still being written. However, to put it briefly, we simply love furniture. We've done everything with furniture from making it, repurposing it, to selling it and everything in between. We are constantly evolving but one thing is certain: We will always provide our customer's with the    best selection of quality furniture at a fair price.